Arnaut Dere 2 Lake


The lake is intended solely for trophy carp fishing! Noisy companies, obnoxious behavior and failure to observe the lake rules are not tolerated.


who breaks the rules will be asked to leave the pond territory!



  • Every angler can use up to 3 fishing rods, suitable for trophy fishing.
  • At each separated swim, maximum of 2 anglers can be fishing, with total of 3 fishing rods.
  • When fishing, you are allowed only safe assemblies with no more than one hook;
  • Minimal size of fishing line – 0.40 mm.
  • Hook size- No 4 and No 6.
  • Using a leader and a shock leader is forbidden
  • It is absolutely mandatory to be use tungsten tubing, at least 40 cm, whether weighted or not!
  • Pulling the fish out of the water must be done always through a carp bag, no matter how big fish is; When you get the fish with landing net, disassembled it, and while it is in the water, put it into the carp bag. With carp bag you carried the fish securely to the cradle!
  • Touching the fish is only allowed with wet hands;
  • It is obligatory to use carp cradle which should be clean and properly moisturized before placing the fish in there
  • Fishing takes place only at the spots specifically separated for that purpose;
  • For each caught fish whose weight exceeds 11 lb, the Management must be informed. It is allowed to place the fish in a carp cradle until a member of the Management arrives to take picture of the fish, for statistical purposes;
  • The allowed depth you can walk into the dam in order to get the fish into the landing net is up to 1 m;
  • Each caught fish is to be treated with antibiotic in all spots that need such treatment; at the body and the mouth of the specie. If big or visible wounds, please inform as soon as possible the Management, before you let the fish in the water.
  • The antibiotic is provided free of charge by the Management. It is not allowed to use of any other antibiotic.
  • It is allowed to put bait and feeding by radio-controlled boats.
  • It is allowed to use only high class boilies and pellets sold on the lake. It is not allowed to use: artificial artifacts (silicone corn, lifters, etc); soluble pop ups; seeds (corn, tiger peanut, etc.)
  • For daily fishing – you can occupy the swims every day between sunrise and sunset (summer time 6.00 a.m.- 8.00 p.m., winter time 8.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.). Visitors are obliged to first come the Management
  • For 24 hours fishing – swims engage in 1.00 pm., and released at 12.00 am the next day. The seats can be occupied an hour before the time and release an hour after the time for free if there are no one at the swim.
  •  After unloading your fish equipment, each fisherman must park his car in the place designated for this purpose. Upon leaving the dam, you must by all means inform the Management of the dam.
  • When leaving the sector, visitors must inform the Management when they start to pack their baggage, where some of the managers must be present during the whole process. If you fail to comply with this rule, Management reserves the right to make a detailed check (including unpacking your baggage)
  • All companions and other persons who came with the fisherman, must also abide by these rules and the fisherman is jointly responsible and liable with such third parties for their compliance with the rules;



  • Disturbing other people and their fishing experience for no reason whatsoever;
  • Carrying and using firearms, air guns and guns;
  • It is not allowed to be noisy – music, loud speech and yelling, shots, unnecessary splashing the water or any other noises, as the Management may decide;
  • Children below 16 years of age can not fish without a companion;
  • You can not cut woods or bushes;
  • You can not throw out any waste in the water or leave it at the shore;
  • Using for bait and groundbait spoiled or expired protein balls, pellets, fish foods, etc.;
  • Chemical ingredients in the groundbait which are forbidden;
  • Bathing in the water;
  • Fire and campfire;
  • Walking dogs in the territory of the dams;
  • Parking any vehicles outside the places specifically designated for this purpose.


  • Catching the fish from the side of the eyes and gills and unhooking the hook through forbidden means;
  • Killing any fish for whatever reason.
  • Carrying the fish.
  • Irresponsible attitude toward the fish (rude pulling out of the water, grabbing by the eyes or the gills, strapping, causing injury, using pliers to unhook the fish, lifting the fish high and so on)


  • To call us when you observe sick or damaged fishes;
  • To keep the cash register slip by the end of the fishery day;
  • To keep an eye on your fishery equipment (we can not be held responsible for any lost items);
  • Every fisherman is responsible for his/her own behaviour during his/her stay at the dam;
  • The landing net must always be wet and of appropriate sizes.

Rights and obligations of the stuff:

  • The stuff in charge of the dam is entitled at any time to address a warning to a particular angler for his/her mistakes and to give appropriate recommendations;
  • The stuff has the right at any time to exercise control over fishermen so to make sure rules are properly observed. For violations of the rules you will be first warned and if the violation continues, perpetrators are expelled from the site.
  • When you leave the dam, your baggage will be checked by the stuff.


  • Allowing a particular visitor to stay at the dam, does not only depend on his paying the price, but also on his observation of these Rules. In case a certain visitor would violate the Rules (due to lack of appropriate equipment, or he does not accept the Rules, or is visibly drunk, or is arrogant, or we have some other unfavorable advance information about the visitor), we reserve the right to not let this visitor to the dam.
  • In case we observe practices and/or any kind of equipment that are unacceptable from the perspective of environment or water protection and/or life and health of the fish, we reserve the right to forbid such practices/equipment on the spot, irrespective of the fact that they are not enlisted in these Rules.
  • Staying at the dam after you have been informed about the Rules, means that you understand and unconditionally accept the Rules, so if you violated them, we are entitled to suspend your fishing trip.
  • If you violated the Rules, you will be blacklisted and no longer will be let come to the dam.
  • Killed fish, at fisherman’s guilt, shall be paid as follows:

up to 11 lb  – BGN 10.00/ lb;

from 11 lb to 22 lb – BGN 15/lb;

over 22 lb – BGN 25.00/lb;

over 44 lb – BGN 50/lb;

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